Our SMES IT Support team is fromBangalore-India the silicon valley of Asia. This team consist of IT engineers, they Build, Develop Customized software for Ship Owner / Ship Managers & Trading Firms. As these software are directly cultivated from the software developer to the end-user without any middle men. They are user friendly and very cheaper than other high end software in marine market. Our software consists of various integrated modules which can be combined to meet a wide variety of user demand. Our software are been used with various vessel from Tankers to Special purpose vessels. Our software helps the shore base teams such as Purchasing, Finance, Crew & Technical.

IT Support

For Purchasing
· Spares usage and inventory
· Spares future prediction
· Stores supply and inventory
· Automatic requisition generator
For Technical
· Docking and repair planning
· Survey status & job reports
· Integrated maintenance and class survey
· Condition based maintenance
· Alert and notifications
For Finance
· Budget control
· History of supply
· Invoice connecting with the supply
· Overdue alert
For Vessel
· Spares requisition
· Planning
· Rescheduling
· Follow up for stores/ repairs/ spares
· Reporting to Shore based office

Our software allow all labels, messages, instruction to be configured as per the client request with addition of languages. Which help the workflow and minimize the human activities in all departments to improve efficiency.