We SMES serve the Marine Industry in a most efficient and cost effective way. Our team comprises of Marine Engineers with a highly skilled work force with collective experience of more than 25 year. Our workshop is well equipped with all cutting edge technology. We carry out various jobs like overhauls and repair for Generators, Pumps, Purifiers, Compressors and Turbocharge in our workshop and on board overhaul for Main Engines. We provide excellent Quality Service to ShipOwners, ShipManagers and ShipYards to cater all there operational needs We have a total transparency based feedback system with our customer to assist us no continually innovate.We can provide repairs such as afloat ship repair, Workshop repair, Piping works, Boiler cleaning, new machinery installation, Fabrication. Hull repairs etc.We can provide services such as Marine Surveying, Pre Purchase Survey, Consultancy, Bunker surveys, De-slopping, De-mucking etc.Through our experience in the Marine industry we have short listed and implemented into our company structure and policy. With our experience & knowledge in service sector we are poised to be a customer oriented firm.

Ship Repair and Service

On Voyage Repairs.
Main engine overhauls at Anchorage.
Auxiliary engine crankshaft renewal.
Steering gear fault finding.
Turbocharger service and overhaul
Installation and commissioning of hydraulic power pack.
Boiler repair and overhaul.
Alongside/Safe Berth Repairs.
Anchorage Repairs.
Complete or Partial Engine Overhaul.
Routine maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of engines.
Technical Consulting Service.
Service of fuel systems of all 2 and 4 Stroke Engine Systems.
Reconditioning of Fuel Pumps (Single / Inline).
Reconditioning of Plungers and Barrels.
Reconditioning of Fuel Valves and Injectors.
Repair and overhaul Main Engine medium and high speed diesel engines.
Repair and overhaul of hydraulic clutches and transmission gears.
Repair and overhaul of engine room and deck machineries, pumps, air compressors, windlass.
Workshop fabrication, reconditioning, restoration of machinery 
components to maker’s standard.
Repairs, modification and installation of electrical equipment.
Repair and rewinding of electric motors and alternators.
Renewal and fabrication of engine room deck and double bottom tanks pipes &  fittings.
Tank cleaning.

We provide piping services such as pipeline structure fabrication and installation for  pipes system in Engine, Pump rooms.
We offer wide range of services for afloat steel repairs and fabrication.